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Surfer Girl discovers Rock in Costa Rica (Vitali Films)

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She was exhausted from the surfing day before and her board was still salty when she was entering this early empty morning beach filled with calmness and peace. The sea was calm, too – the waves were flat and she recognized outgoing tide.
Suddenly this massive rock entered her sight which she has spotted in the distance everytime she was waiting in the line up for a new wave to ride on the other days. The rock was always completely surrounded by water and it seemed like there is no access to get on it at all.

She was holding her breath while she felt lightness and the heart-thob in her body. Finally her imagination became reality…

Starring: Renana Bruckstein
Music by: Kuba – Road To Yegan (Plusquam Records)
Editing by: Renana Bruckstein & Thomas Vitali
Produced by: Thomas Vitali
Production date: 02.12.2016

Music from the clip:


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Last modified: December 26, 2016